Settlement and Employment Services

Our Settlement and Employment Services include the followings:

  • Improve communication skills especially in English
  • Make right decision based on the appropriate Information regarding education and career
  • Perform proper research about life and labour market before or immediate after immigrating to Canada
  • Need to upgrade the skills and qualification by doing thorough research as per the requirement of Canadian employers
  • Improve self-marketing approaches and build networking
  • Start in semi-professional career first wherever appropriate and then professional career
  • Self-awareness is vital according to local values and needs
  • Making new immigrants aware that employment depends on specific skills not on degrees/diploma and positions held in back home.
  • Equip new immigrants with the skills to provide excellent customer services along with positive attitudes
  • Community based organizations should come forward to provide information and assistance
  • Be determined for being permanently settled and successful in Canada keeping confusion away
  • Take advantages of different bridging programs funded by the governments
  • Receive and utilize the supports and assistances provided by settlements and employment agencies
  • Fix short-term and long-term goals with strong determination
  • Increase the role of community-based organizations
  • Involve in volunteering in professional fields, and taking mentorship, job shadowing and co-op through proper research
  • Attend local professional meeting, seminar, and workshop to know about what is going on in out there.

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