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What We do

Senior Programs & Services

With a heartwarming commitment to enhancing the lives of older adults, we provide a comprehensive range of programs tailored to meet their unique needs. From health and wellness initiatives that foster vitality to engaging social activities that combat isolation, our services are designed to ensure our seniors thrive with dignity and joy.

In partnership with New Horizons for Seniors Programs, we have been hosting seminars on different issues affecting the lives of seniors, creating inclusive activities, and fostering mentor-mentee relationships by seniors for seniors too for years. 

Women & Girls Programs and Services

We provide a nurturing and supportive environment that uplifts women from all walks of life. Our comprehensive range of women’s services includes educational programs, career development workshops, and counseling support. From fostering financial independence to promoting physical and mental well-being, we stand beside women on their journey to self-discovery and success.

In partnership with Women and Gender Equality Canada and others, we have initiated seminars and educational workshops against gender-based violence and striving to reduce gender-based violence in the community.

Youth Programs & Services

We are passionate about empowering the next generation to dream big and achieve their goals. Our diverse range of youth programs through BIES’ Youth Council provides a nurturing platform for personal growth, academic excellence, and skill development.

From mentorship programs that inspire leadership to creative workshops that spark innovation, we are dedicated to shaping confident and compassionate leaders of tomorrow. Through art and photo competitions we strive to enlist youth involvement within the community.

Recent Works


BIES is looking for creative youth to be a voice for the Bengali community and help to solve important issues using innovative community engagement methods.  

Research And Advocacy

We have been conducting research on various issues for community development. Based on the research, we have been designing advocacy programs to educate community people and other stakeholders. 

Clients View


BIES has been a very helpful organization since the day I first joined. I have participated as a youth volunteer in their virtual Youth Council. I found it to be very helpful and engaging

Nazia Rahman

As an immigrant, learning the language and customs of Canada has been difficult. I contacted BIES through their Facebook group. They helped me to network with people and receive information about COVID 19 and mental health support. I appreciate their hard work.

Samsul Haque

A Few Words

About Us


2011 – Established BIES by a group of newcomers with a passion of helping each other in a new country.
2012 – Guiding principles are adopted by BIES’s Board of Directors.
2013 – Staring Employment Supports
2013 – Research: 
The Status Bengali New Comers in Ontario: Employment Perspective
2015 – Public AGM 
2020 – Research: Youths Suicide in Toronto Bengali Community: Challenges & Strategies

Future Goals

  • Work on creating an old age home for our clients
  • Started setting up an youth recreation center