What We Do

What We Do

Bengali Information and Employment Services (BIES) is a non-profit community- based organization working to improve the lives of community people by providing culturally appropriate information, advices, counselling and employment supports. The main purpose of this organization is to promote and uphold community spirit, provide information, education, communication and employment services to the Bengali community and other communities as well.


Information is power. We provide community members/clients with information regarding employment, career, education, social and settlement issues at free of cost. We also refer our clients/community members to appropriate agencies to access sufficient information and services. For information, anybody can contact us by making a phone call, sending an e-mail or meeting in person.  For more information, please call us at 647-945-8448. 


We believe that a meaningful employment status of an individual can easily take the person out of poverty and help to maintain a dignified life. We are always striving to match profile of the potential job seekers with what the prospective employers look for, free of cost. We also equip the potential job seekers with tailor-made resume writing, cover letter preparation and job search techniques. In order to make the job seeker prepared for the job in the job market, we organize workshops on resume writing, job search techniques etc. For more information, please call us at 647-945-8448.


We help newcomers in settling and integrating into Canadian society. Language barriers and a lack of knowledge about the process of accessing basic services such as employment, education, health care, transportation and shelter often make the course of settlement difficult for newcomers. Our team is well-trained and equipped to meet their special needs such as orientation, counseling, interpretation, translation, referrals, advocacy, filling forms etc.

For more information, please call us at 647-945-8448.


We have been conducting research on various issues for community development. Based on the research, we have been designing advocacy programs to educate community people and other stakeholders. We are constantly trying to identify community problems and bringing long lasting solutions to these problems. We are getting great support from our community people in our research and advocacy programs. If you are interested to read our research reports, please visit the resource section on this website. 


One of the main purposes of BIES is to educate community people and make them aware about recreation, a healthy life, healthy diets, the Canadian justice & political system, citizen’s rights and Canadian History. BIES has been planning and organizing seminars, workshops and outreach programs to promote those issues in the community so that community people understand the issues and integrate themselves into the Canadian society very easily.