Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Our vision is a community where everybody lives with dignity and prosperity.

Our Mission

BIES’ mission is to promote people’s well-being by providing them with appropriate information, tools and techniques to navigate through community resources and opportunities. We wish to equip individuals with the skillset and courage that they need to lead a life with dignity and prosperity. 


In our mission, we always believe, maintain and uphold the following values in mind:

  1. We work together by helping each other to achieve common goals.
  2. We care for humanity and the environment we live in.
  3. Our focus is to provide quality services so that each service recipient is highly satisfied.
  4. We treat everybody equally in promoting social justice.
  5. We are genuine in our work and words.
  6. We take responsibility for what we do and what we say.
  7. We maintain honesty in our actions, and transparency in resources utilization.