Message from the President of BIES

We are so excited that our journey with the slogan of ‘Sharing Information and Improving Lives’ since December, 2011 is progressing well with a vision of a community where everybody lives with dignity and prosperity. We have been trying to promote people’s well-being by providing them with the appropriate information, tools, techniques, know-how and courage. Our beliefs lie on individual’s potential, one’s inner power and one’s aspiration of grow mentally, physically and economically without harming our the nature and environment. We also believe that an individual flourishes when s/he has access to proper information and opportunities available to them. What we do is to facilitate this process of engaging people to grow and contribute.

We started as a small organization, but we are growing rapidly but steadily with hope, commitment, and engagement. We take pride in our enthusiastic team spirits that include innovative approaches within BIES to help build a healthy community. We are learning by serving people with diversified approaches. We are reaching out to newcomers, adults, seniors, youth, refugees, children, women, and people of color and members from the LGBT-Q community. Our principles include inclusiveness, cultural appropriateness and using anti-oppressive lenses. We work with others to bring an impact into people’s lives. 

We are proud and delighted for the continuous and generous support from our partners, valued members, volunteers, staff, and individual donors and all tiers of governments. At the same time, we welcome, and look forward to having more supports from organizations, groups and individuals to  help us in carrying out our mission further.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to give thanks to all those of concern.