BIES’s Founding Members/Directors


By the year 2010, a handful of newcomers who came to Toronto mainly from Bangladesh were seriously struggling to settle in Canada. They were looking for a suitable place to live, decent jobs to support their family and enriching careers to prosper in a new country.  All the newcomers during this time needed one thing, relevant information. There existed a big gap between the information available around the Bengali newcomers and information that they actually needed.  In order to narrow this gap among the Bengali community in Greater Toronto Area,  three new comers Mr. Imam Uddin, Mr. Mobidur Rahman Milton and Mr. Golam Mostafa jointly founded Bengali Information and Employment Services (BIES) on December, 2011 and started providing the newcomers with related and relevant to information about their jobs, careers, houses, health and other available community resources.

They initially sat together and had meetings for the new organization at 27 Merrian Road, Scarborough, Ontario (Mr. Milton’s House).  More people began to joined this initiative. By the end of 2011, they found a small room at free of cost for initial days at 2897 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4C1M3. A benevolent community leader and Bangladeshi Canadian Mr. Jashim Uddin allowed BIES to use this small room as the BIES office for two years free of cost. BIES has since been using this location for its official address. The dream of the three newcomers came into being and has been helping  hundreds of people every year to materialize their dreams in Canada.